Connected Wildlife: Cisco Enters the Niche Market of Rhino Protection

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By Harriet Sumnall | 3Q 2019 | IN-5545


IoT Saves More Than Just Human Lives


Animal poaching has had a significant impact on endangered animals in the African region, especially elephants, lions, and rhinos. It is reported that over 1,000 rhinos are poached in South Africa every year, and the species is expected to be extinct by 2025. Trophy hunting is considered a sport in some cultures, which has led to the increased slaughter of elephants, too. Fortunately, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been proven to help conservation efforts.

In 2015, South African technology company Dimension Data and its long-time partner Cisco launched their Connected Conservation project, which aims to minimize animal slaughters and protect both species of animals that have been classified as endangered and species that may be soon.

Ensuring Animal Welfare


The partnership between Cisco and Dimension Data has proved successful: poaching has been reduced by 96% in a private forest near Kruger National Park in South Africa. Though many governments have many different initiativ…

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