By Dimitris Mavrakis | 3Q 2019 | IN-5539


5G Health Concerns and Technology Overview


It appears that 5G has become the most sensational topic in terms of conspiracy theories, in line with anti-vaccination campaigns. There is also considerable funding available to these groups, which begs the question on the motives of the people behind them. The mobile market and the value chain should be more open to dispel these arguments and prove that 5G is safer than previous generations and will introduce exponentially more benefits for consumers and businesses alike.

There are public Internet groups (the most prominent of which is Stop5G, founded by a UFO enthusiast) that discuss the health concerns regarding 5G and even discuss how to destroy cellular sites and poles.

The most prominent arguments to support these claims stem from mainly two arguments:

  • 5G uses Millimeter Wave (mmWave) frequencies, ranging from 24-60GHz. These frequencies require directional beams for communication between the cellular base station and the mobile phone, contrary to previous generations where omnidirectional antennas were used at cell sites. Critics comp…

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