Will Mobile Identities and Derived Credentials Spell the End of the Physical Identity Card?

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By Phil Sealy | 2Q 2019 | IN-5517


Governments Look toward Mobile to Enable Next-Generation Citizen ID Use Cases


With a vast number of Electronic Government (e-Government) services available online and widespread smartphone penetration rates in most developed nations, the convergence of e-Government and mobile services could be considered a natural technological progression as governments attempt to reduce ongoing operational costs and demands for physical staffing by allowing services to be conducted by citizens on their devices.

Today there are a number of mobile identity projects, either fully established or within pilot stages. Governments around the world have launched dedicated mobile solutions for a variety of applications, such as driver’s licenses and national IDs, including mobile driver’s license projects in Brazil and Indonesia and national mobile identity projects in Estonia, Moldova, Finland, and Austria to name a few.

The rise of mobile identities has raised questions related to the role of mo...

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