Smart Cities Embrace Digital Currencies

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By Dominique Bonte | 2Q 2019 | IN-5513


Belfast and Tel Aviv Explore Digital Currencies


Two cities have recently announced their foray into digital currencies:

  • Tel Aviv (Israel) Colu-powered Digital Currency: The one-month digital city currency pilot, which started on May 5, 2019, is aimed at examining the feasibility of boosting the local economy, reducing the cost of living, encouraging healthy city living, protecting the environment, and ramping up community engagement and involvement. Powered by Colu, the currency is already used by around a quarter of the population in Tel Aviv, who can spend it in thousands of local businesses and get rewards in currency. Responsible behavior like using public transportation and reporting hazards to the city hotline are examples of how currency rewards can be used as incentives.
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland) - Belfast Coin and CivicDollars social cryptocurrency platform: Belfast Coin will be launched in 2019, powered by Israel-based Colu, and aimed at boosting the economy, improving citizen health, protecting the environment, and, more generally, using a reward system to e…

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