SpaceX Launches Its Starlink Internet Service into Space

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By Harriet Sumnall | 3Q 2019 | IN-5511


The First Wave


In the past six months, SpaceX has raised more than US$1 billion to roll out Starlink, its new satellite constellation venture, which aims to offer high-speed Internet around the globe. The first wave of satellites that will provide this service was launched at the end of May, and is only phase one of the mammoth launch SpaceX is planning. To get a sufficient service available, a minimum of 12 more deployments of this magnitude are required to bring the service to a significant operational capability. The constellation will not be complete, however, until the full planned figure of 11,972 satellites are launched, offering full worldwide coverage.

Blocking the Orbit


SpaceX is competing against Amazon’s project Kuiper to launch its satellite constellations that will offer global Internet connectivity via the use of satellites. In 2Q 2019, Amazon announced the plans for its project, including its goal of launching over 3,000 satellites on a Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The Starlink project announced by SpaceX, howe…

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