Is Ford Putting Its Foot Down on Delivery Robots or Is It Just Pulling Our Leg?

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2Q 2019 | IN-5509


"Hello, Fellow Young Robot Developers!"


The desire of established companies like Ford, who have been around for over a century, to remind commentators that they are still on the cutting edge plays a large part in announcements like these. However, these automakers—who have proven so successful in scaling up their technology—need to apply their pedigree to robotics.

Digit was spearheaded by Ford Research and Advanced Engineering in partnership with Agility Robotics, a premier developer of bipedal robotic systems. It is made of lightweight material and can lift packages weighing up to 40 pounds, making it suitable for carrying packages to the door. It has a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)/stereo camera navigation solution and can navigate through basic scenarios like walking to a door from the vehicle. When it fails to understand its environment, sensory data is transferred to a cloud platform that allows for the development of further insight. local tele-operation was used to control Digit during the demo, while the picking and climbing tasks were performed autonomously a…

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