San Francisco Bans Face Recognition: What Should Companies Expect?

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 2Q 2019 | IN-5502


The First City in the United States to Outright Ban Facial Recognition Use by Government and Law Enforcement


A few weeks ago, in May, 2019, a new bill was passed in San Francisco that officially banned the use of facial recognition technologies. Additionally, San Francisco will now proceed to implement a carefully laid-out plan regarding what types of surveillance tools can be used by the city’s law enforcement agencies (border control applications will still apply as they conform to United States and global requirements). Essentially, this means that the bill will impose strict oversight over said tools, the data they process, the agencies they can share said data with, the algorithms used, the companies that provided them, and many other features. These restrictions will ultimately circumvent any existing biometric laws and regulations and will monitor most (if not all) major applications of facial recognition across civil, law enforcement, and government verticals.

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