The Misrepresentation of ICS Cybersecurity: Interoperability, Intelligence, and Third-Party Dependence

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 2Q 2019 | IN-5479


Cybersecurity Meeting


Research interviews with established vendors, startups, and new market entrants spanning the course of various digital security and Internet of Things (IoT) projects over the past few months have revealed that a surprising portion of vendors market their digital security products erroneously or even deceptively in some cases. A healthy dose of marketing and related advertising materials can, indeed, be misinterpreted at times, covertly make reference to non-existent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, or subtly suggest that an organization’s security offerings are not only far superior to the competition’s, but also that the competition’s deployment strategies may actually prove harmful to a prospective client.

At first glance this seemed an acceptable and standard marketing practice and one that is prevalent in virtually every single technology market and advertising strategy to gain a better foothold in their respective target verticals. While th...

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