DIY or Not DIY—How IoT Platform Suppliers Are Responding

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By Dan Shey | 2Q 2019 | IN-5460


Five Years Ago and Today


Before discussing how the DIY market has changed, it is worth defining what is a DIY IoT solution. An IoT solution comprises several components, so it is never the case that enterprises will do everything (such as cellular connectivity management) themselves. Additionally, many times a DIYer may rely on outsourcing some aspects, such as some bespoke application development work, to an System Integrator (SI). But in general, a DIYer will do everything from device engineering, device-to-cloud services, application development, and analytics.

Five years ago, the DIY market was playing a large role in IoT solution enablement. In 2014, ABI Research estimated that 40% of all M2M/IoT connections were from enterprises who built the IoT solution themselves. This should not be considered unusual because, compared to today, there were far fewer connected devices, and deployments by company were generally much smaller (less than 1000 connected devices). The profile of the DIYer from five years ago included all types of companies from industrial to consumer products and both product O…

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