The IT versus OT Conundrum Brings New Cybersecurity Challenges for Connected Industrial Control Systems

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 2Q 2019 | IN-5458


The Progressive, Albeit Lacking, Premise of Connected ICS


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been hailed as the next evolutionary step for industrial control systems (ICSs) and quite possibly the next phase of the massive industrial revolution on the horizon. A breadth of new technologies has entered all related ICS verticals (e.g., manufacturing, critical infrastructure, nuclear power, industrial processing, etc.) including advanced analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, and even artificial intelligence (AI).

The traditional “air-gapped” mentality of control systems in industrial environments, which forced a lockdown in communications between different systems as an added form of security, has deteriorated over the past few years, giving way to the IIoT revolution. But here is where this concept becomes interesting: would organizations invest and upgrade their billion-dollar industrial infrastructure without comprehending basic cybersecurity principles? The answer, unfortunately, is an emphatic “yes.”

Connectivity Comes with a Pr…

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