The Massive MIMO Innovation Pipeline

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2Q 2019 | IN-5449


Creative Solutions to the Challenges of Massive MIMO


In a recent ABI Research executive foresight, we wrote about the “The Transformative Potential of Massive MIMO” and described the technology’s promises and challenges. In this companion executive foresight, we outline five encouraging research and development (R&D) areas in massive MIMO that point toward a future that promises prolific commercial-at-scale massive MIMO deployments as each of those challenges are tackled. We examine this massive MIMO innovation pipeline in the areas of extremely large aperture arrays (ELAAs), metamaterials, intelligent massive MIMO, architectures, and massive MIMO construction. While this is not intended to be a comprehensive list, ABI Research believes that these areas do in fact point toward the future of massive MIMO.

Five R&D Areas for Future Massive MIMO


The theory behind massive MIMO has been well established, with many algorithms for communications, signal processing, and optimization, by academia. This has res…

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