Greenhouses and Technology: Two Peas in a Pod

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By Harriet Sumnall | 1Q 2019 | IN-5426


The New and Improved Greenhouse


Domestic and industrial agriculture both employ the use of greenhouses. Greenhouses are yet another aspect of agriculture that is becoming connected. This year, Postscapes is releasing its solution for a smarter greenhouse, involving a large variety of different sensors and automations for what were previously manual actions.

The sensors that are used in connecting a greenhouse collect data on the humidity, temperature, leaf moisture, light levers, and carbon dioxide levels in the greenhouse, too. The technology can also use these readings to determine whether or not specific actions need to take place within the environment of the greenhouse, like a light source being turned on or a window opened. Like most of the solutions available in the agricultural space, the information gathered is then transmitted to an application for the user to view, allowing them to make informed decisions if required and allowing them to see what is happening inside their growing environment.

Smart greenhouses were designed to minimize the upkeep of the gardening process and reduce…

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