ABB Ability—Strengthening Customer Relationships and Enhancing the Power of the Control Loop

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By Dan Shey | 1Q 2019 | IN-5423


Launch of ABB Ability


ABB is a Swiss multi-national industrial equipment and systems provider. Its products reside in two primary markets:industrial automation and electrification and power technologies. The industrial automation business consists of control systems, low-voltage drive units, generators, motors, and system-level products such as robotics. ABB’s electrification and power technologies business includes products of solar power systems, electrical distribution systems, electric vehicle charging systems, microgrids, power converters, transformers, and substation automation and control. Target markets for ABB products are many, with primary markets of manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas extraction and distribution, waste/water management, marine systems, and data centers.

ABB Ability, introduced in March 2017, is ABB’s solution set for IoT hardware, software, and services, bringing together its experience in industrial automation with connectivity, cloud assets, digital twin technology, and AI. Ability applications, designed for the class of products that ABB offers, numbe…

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