A New Wave of Energy Harvesting Ultra-Low-Power Devices May Disrupt RTLS and Outdoor Tracking, but Challenges Remain

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2Q 2019 | IN-5418


The Dream of Infinite Battery


Across various verticals, and especially within energy constrained Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the industry has struggled with the problem of finite battery lifetime in devices that sense, locate, read, or control systems when they cannot be connected to a power source. As these devices are often numerous or placed in remote or dangerous locations, substituting their batteries frequently may not be an option, thus posing a challenge to IoT deployment. Nonetheless, the considerable progress made in the past decade to improve the power consumption of Integrated Circuits (ICs) means modern IoT chipsets can now meet the requirements of ultra-low-power IoT applications, such as simple sensing or low power transmission. With such low-energy consumption, these chipsets could be easily powered by harvesting energy from surrounding sources.

Energy Harvesting Can Be a Driver for Scalability in RTLS


Usable energy can be found almost everywhere in the form of light, temperature differences, salinit…

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