Gait over Here! Will China’s Machine Vision and AI Startups Help Gait Biometric Recognition Back on Its Feet?

1Q 2019 | IN-5415
High-value, innovative startups from China have recently acquired their fair share of the spotlight when it comes to surveillance, biometrics, and artificial intelligence. SenseTime is an AI and machine vision company that also focuses on highly advanced face recognition, liveness detection, feature points, and attributes and was dubbed a unicorn even before it left stealth mode (amassing, in total, more than US$2.5 billion in funding). Megvii is another AI company that focuses almost exclusively on face/image/object recognition, video, and behavioral analytics (with an impressive portfolio for surveillance system solutions), securing more than half a billion dollars in funding and a recent evaluation of US$23.5 billion. Both firms are backed by the Alibaba Group, which is steadily establishing its presence in the AI arena.

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