The Mobile Robot Space is Quickly Getting Crowded: Collaboration, Commoditization, and Consolidation to Follow

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1Q 2019 | IN-5414


MRPs and ASPs


Based on a recent ABI Research report (AN-4946), Autonomy Solution Providers (ASPs) are beginning to compete extensively in the mobile robot space, adding vendor-independent technology stacks for navigation, perception, motion control, and general mobility to the mobile robotics market. Facing them are Mobile Robot Providers (MRPs) like Fetch Robotics, Waypoint, and more traditional vendors who are focusing on integrated robotic platforms as opposed to retrofitting forklifts, Tuggers, industrial floor cleaners, et al.

As the state of the robotics industry has progressed, the availability of autonomous software for mobile robotic platforms has increased. During this time, the primary benchmark for autonomy on ROS robots has been the standard GMapping package, documented on the ROS Wiki, which is a wrapper for GMapping from OpenSLAM. GMapping has one of the most widely forked ROS Perception packages in existence, and is the default go-to method for starting basic autonomy and SLAM work.

While the GMapping method has been widely used for academic papers (with over one thousand refeā€¦

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