Why There is No Technological Silver Bullet to Address Mobile Ticketing

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1Q 2019 | IN-5410


The Convergence of Ticketing and Payments


Mobile ticketing is often referred to as an emerging market due to the significant growth opportunities for mobile ticketing solutions therein. However, the fact remains that mobile ticketing solutions, be they full-scale operations or pilot, have been in commercial use for more than 10 years, including Japan’s well-established FeliCa protocol; open-loop mobile acceptance in Amsterdam, London, Delhi, and Mumbai; QR code trials in China and other parts of India; and a closed-loop MIFARE 2GO mobile solution currently in use on the Las Vegas Monorail in the United States.

Despite its slow start and uptake, the market for mobile ticketing is beginning to move extremely quickly, driven by the direct convergence of ticketing and payment applications. With multiple technologies like NFC, QR codes, SMS, and Bluetooth for Public Transportation Authorities (PTAs) to consider, it becomes a question of which technology will win out.

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