The American AI Initiative Highlights the Need for AI Governance on a Global Scale

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By Lian Jye Su | 1Q 2019 | IN-5408


An Initiative to Maintain U.S. Leadership


On February 12, President Trump signed an executive order on Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the first executive order on AI since the new president took office, the American AI Initiative is very clear in its objectives to maintain the United States’ leadership in AI and acknowledges the importance of AI to the country’s economy, social fabric and national security. What is more interesting is with the timing of the release of this Initiative. At present, the tech industry is facing tremendous uncertainty over the United States’ attempt to push international curbs on Huawei and other Chinese technology suppliers.  The United States expresses its concerns 5G equipment supplied by Chinese vendors may expose American interests into potential cyber security risks or even cyber espionage. Underlying all these activities is the United States’ attempt to gain competitive edge in the brewing technology arm race between nations. Losing this arm race can be politically and economically painful.

ABI Research strongly believes that both…

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