Super Bowl LII Promised Greater Augmented Reality Coverage, with a Possible Glimpse into the Future of Broadcast

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1Q 2019 | IN-5402


AR Broadcast to the Masses


One of the single biggest broadcast events showcased a strengthened focus on augmented reality this year. While it was not substantial, CBS expanded their football broadcast augmentation for Super Bowl LII for statistic visualization and general visual appeal. Any three-hour broadcast slot with an expected audience over 100 million will draw attention and can be a powerful example of a more augmented broadcast future. This isn’t the first major AR sports broadcast announcement, with the NBA partnering with Magic Leap early in 2018 and the MLB experimenting with VR tournaments and broadcasting. Nor are sports the only area where AR is being leveraged, with examples from the Weather Channel being showcased recently as well. However, nothing yet has had the audience of a Super Bowl.

Put on a Good Show



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