Additive Manufacturing and Generative Design Put Manufacturing Operations Management in the Spotlight as Hybrid Manufacturing Heats Up

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1Q 2019 | IN-5392


Homegrown IT Tools Can't Keep Pace


By 2030, the number of production-ready additive manufacturing platforms that ship each year will increase more than tenfold (more than US$325 billion in hardware and related systems revenue). These systems will produce more than US$360 billion worth of parts and end products each year (up from US$6.8 billion today) and nearly US$2 trillion in sum by the end of the next decade (MD-AMMT-101). These systems will need to work with the ones that came before them. Today, most do not.

The field of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is, like the systems it supports, evolving from manufacturing execution (data acquisition) to digitalization (data synchronization and contextualization) and, soon, higher levels of intelligence (data augmentation). Companies like PTC, which acquired Frustum at the end of 2018 (after the You must be a subscriber to view this ABI Insight.
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