Gesture Control in Mobile Devices Galvanized by Google's Radar Technology Approval

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By David McQueen | 1Q 2019 | IN-5390


Google Gets FCC Approval for its Project Soli Radar Technology


The recent announcement that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved Google’s use of its sensor technology--called Project Soli--could be the shot in the arm that the smartphone market, wearables and beyond, has been looking for to make gesture control more widespread in any number of devices and applications. Google’s solution looks set to provide an effectual alternative to other gesture control technologies already making their mark on the smart devices market, thereby bringing ever-closer a future where interactive touchless hand gesture recognition technologies will become the norm, allowing an increasing number of tasks to be performed on a device via a more natural, intuitive interface.

Gesture Control on Mobile Devices a Step Closer, but How Close?


While the FCC has just given the green light to Google’s Soli Project, it is far from being a new technology. Project Soli has actually been bumbling around since 2015, first ge…

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