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Open Source in the Telecoms Market


Actionable Benefits

  • Determine key components of the open source business model based on the innovation focus of vendors from the IT domain.
  • Identify two main monetization models that vendors and CSPs can potentially use to commercialize open source software (OSS).
  • Educate decision makes for product, marketing and sales teams on the impact that open source software has on product economics and internal organizational structures.

Critical Questions Answered

  • How can open source software be monetized effectively and what monetization strategies are key vendors in the market following?
  • What are the commercial aspects that warrant consideration before any attempt to leverage open source is undertaken?
  • Who are some of the innovative open source vendors in telecoms and which specific OSS are CSPs deploying?

Research Highlights

  • Analysis of three main categories of commercializing open source and their applicability in telecoms.
  • An overview of commercial dynamics of open source business model vis-à-vis closed-source alternatives.
  • Summaries of key strands that CSPs must consider as they seek to become more adept at interacting with OSS. 

Who Should Read This?

  • Executives that look into standards & industry initiatives within vendors’ research divisions.
  • Decision makers for product development & management.
  • Innovation leaders for CSPs who need to understand how OSS can fit into their overall strategic direction.  

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Open Source in Enterprise IT

Open Source in Telcos

Organizational Considerations

Commercial Considerations