Resilience Technologies and Approaches for Smart Cities

Making cities resilient against a wide range of natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes but also chronic stresses related to social, economic, or financial crises is fast becoming a key priority for city governments. Many cities have already appointed a Chief Resilience Officer. Others are exploring using technologies like AI for advanced and predictive alert systems, built-in redundancy of energy and service networks for fast recovery, leveraging the sharing economy for mustering resources during emergencies, using drones and robots for inspection, delivery of medicines, people evacuation and many other approaches and solutions. What's at stake is not just loss of human life but also lost economic value two strong incentives for action and investing, both from a political and an ROI perspective.

This report provides an overview of types of vulnerabilities cities are facing and response modes cites can choose from. It includes examples, vendor profiles, use cases, forecasts, and recommendations.