Polycarbonate: Gemalto and IDEMIA Pioneer Laser Color Security Solutions

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By Sam Gazeley | 1Q 2019 | IN-5378


A New Age for Polycarbonate


While current adoption trends support digital features, security features related to physical documents will remain a significant requirement within the government ID market. A more evident move toward polycarbonate (a material considered more secure and tamper resistant than its Polyvinyl Chloride [PVC] counterpart) is a testament to this fact.

Polycarbonate credentials are built from the ground up to be impenetrable; by constructing layers of polycarbonate that are completely enmeshed, the Integrated Circuit (IC) within the card and the photo (if applicable) are impossible to tamper with, as any attempt to access them will irreparably damage the card and make it useless. Further, the material supports the use of Diffractive Optically Variable Image Devices (DOVIDs) as another layer of security.

Industry-leading smart card vendors Gemalto and IDEMIA have developed a new layer of security for polycarbonate credentials. Powered by color lasers hitting a special ink in the document’s inner structure, this new issuance solution achieves the highest levels of res…

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