CES 2019 Wearables Roundup: Healthcare Features Take Center Stage

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1Q 2019 | IN-5375


Major CES Wearable Trend


The major wearable device trend at CES centered on those that offer healthcare-related features, including remote monitoring features, healthcare tracking, emergency response functionality, and more. These types of wearables allow consumers to keep an eye on their own health metrics, with some devices also capable of sending vital information to medical professionals via Wi-Fi, enabling them to monitor a patient’s health and be alerted about any issues. It was to be expected at CES that a number of companies were going to follow the Apple with its Electrocardiogram (ECG) feature and emergency contact capabilities on the Apple Watch Series 4, offering wearable devices with a larger number of healthcare tracking capabilities.

Wearable Heathcare-Related CES Announcements


The major CES announcements in the healthcare-related wearables market included devices that have ECG, blood pressure monitoring, emergency contact functionality, sleep monitoring, and more. Some are designed to be used as medical d…

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