Why Big AR Names Falling Is a Positive Market Indicator

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 1Q 2019 | IN-5364


Notable Tumult Begins to Show


In December 2018, two staples of the Augmented Reality (AR) space fell: Blippar entered administration, and a patent sale is planned for ODG in January 2019. Blippar, a machine vision and AR application company established in 2011, was unable to secure needed funding after an alleged investor dispute. ODG is a smart glasses hardware player active since 1999, with experience in military visualization before the more recent AR glasses activity. For both of these companies, the product on offer was high quality and competitive in the respective spaces. Blippar had received more than US$120 million in funding, and ODG had landed some notable enterprise contracts in the growing industry. Despite this, recent events are obviously not a strong showing. While it’s common for startups to pop up and fade away in very short periods of time, it’s another story when there is a positive track record and customer base already established. However, a lack of success for one company suggests success for others.

Others Will Fill the Gap

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