Additive Manufacturing, Spare Part Perpetuity, and the Rise of the Microfactory

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By Ryan Martin | 1Q 2019 | IN-5362


Manufacturing’s iPhone Moment: Production Additive Manufacturing


Manufacturing got smart when companies figured out how to make products in one market and sell them in another. Today, we call this supply chain logistics. But somewhere along the way, the innovation chain connecting supply (manufacturing) and logistics (the supporting infrastructure) started to diverge. Now, the industrial sector is scrambling to catch up; change the way products are designed; rethink the way they are produced; and improve the way they are sold, serviced, and delivered.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been around for more than 30 years, but only recently have multi-disciplinary advances in material sciences (multi-metal), metrology (in-situ monitoring), and design (generative engineering) started to converge on the technology’s use in structural and mission-critical commercial applications. Following these advances, the passing of a patent cliff and an ever-increasing desire to cater to the eye of the customer will make 2019 the year that put production AM on the map.


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