Key Trends in Industrial Robotics Underlie Diversification, Increased Sophistication, and National Competition

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1Q 2019 | IN-5351


Areas of Growth


Discrete, and to a lesser extent, process manufacturing is where robotics found their worth during the last 50 years. Given the established nature of this market, venture funds and commentary have been focused on the deployment of robotics outside of manufacturing environments; toward other heavy industries, logistics, retail, hospitality, and consumer products. But going forward, a significant amount of revenue related to robotics will remain focused in manufacturing, and the use of robots in this space will become far more expansive and sophisticated.

Industrial robotics is not just growing in a general sense, but is deployed at greater volume in previously underrepresented verticals. Industrial robots were previously focused on high value-added discrete manufacturing sectors, typified by the automotive sector. This is largely because robots are capital-intensive devices, and this expense is compounded by the cost of maintenance, repair, and operations. As a result, high value-added products like cars and aircraft are a much more likely market to make up cost than with consumer …

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