Tesla Joins the AR Fray as the Automotive Industry Leads a Push Toward the Digitization Horizon

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1Q 2019 | IN-5350


Automotive Manufacturers Embrace AR


More and more automotive manufacturers are using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and have implemented them in various parts of their project lifecycle. Design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales have all seen some AR investment and piloting. In accordance with ABI Research’s latest database, it is estimated that the AR revenue in the automotive industry will reach almost US$5 billion by 2023, while smart glasses shipments will climb to 1.5 million for the market.

Tesla filed a new patent for AR application that leverages Google Glass (Explorer Edition) aiming to reduce extra costs and extensive time in car manufacturing that occurs from manual calibration and inspection. The application is called Augmented Reality for Manufacturing. Using the AR glasses and machine vision achieves employee safety and task efficiency. The latest initiative from Tesla confirms that AR is a promising tool for addressing challenges in vehicle manufacturing, boosting task and employee efficiency. Apart from Tesla leveraging AR tech in the manufacturing stage, Volvo has al…

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