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Outdoor/Wide Area Location Technologies Market Update


With geolocation well underway to becoming ubiquitous, especially with the boost given by smartphones, and several governmental entities launching their own regional and global GNSS satellite constellations, new developments in GNSS and other outdoor location technologies cause far-reaching disruptions in the market.

This report examines the development of the GNSS and LPWAN markets, with granularity at the regional level and in different verticals within Location-Based Services, Automotive, and Professional segments. Key user requirements, frequency, and constellation shares and the value chain are also discussed. In the LPWAN section, forecasts are split between technologies and verticals including fleet management, asset tracking, people and pet tracking, and aftermarket telematics. Special sections of the PT are dedicated to discussing opportunities in Low-Power GNSS and High-Precision GNSS, including why these technologies may become important and in which verticals they are more likely to thrive.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • GNSS Overview
  • Key GNSS Performance Requirements
  • GNSS Main User Requirements
  • GNSS Market Overview
  • Chipset Constellation Shares
  • Chipset Frequency Shares
  • LBS: Key Market Trends
  • LBS: Forecasts
  • Automotive: Key Market Trends
  • Automotive: Forecasts
  • Professional Sector: Key Market Trends
  • Professional Sector: Forecasts
  • Autonomous Cars, Surveying, Commercial Drones and the Case for High-Precision GNSS
  • High-Precision GNSS: Overview
  • High-Precision GNSS: Key Market Trends
  • High-Precision GNSS: Forecasts
  • LPWAN Technologies Overview
  • Sigfox: Forecasts
  • LoRa: Forecasts
  • NB-IoT: Forecasts
  • LTE-M: Forecasts
  • Fixed Assets, Agriculture, Smart Cities, and the Case for Low-Power GNSS
  • Low-Power GNSS: Overview
  • Low-Power GNSS: Forecasts
  • Outdoor Location Technologies: Key Takeaways
  • Glossary
  • GNSS Value Chains