What Lessons Must 5G Learn to Conquer End Vertical Markets?

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1Q 2019 | IN-5339


5G Is Here, but What to Do with It?


The cyclical nature of the telco market, with generations of technologies enabling new opportunities, means that Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) have the opportunity every few years to leverage their position in the value chain to target the newly created value. To achieve this, right now, the industry wants to find a killer app for 5G, or an easy way to win; however, this does not reflect the complexity of the emerging market.

The focus should not be on finding a killer app, but the industry should discuss how 5G can enable the MSP to offer adjacent services and products. In which end vertical markets will 5G make a difference? Which industries want to be disrupted and which ones do not embrace disruption? These questions create a complex and fragmented market formed by multiple verticals unknown to MSPs. While MSPs do not talk about it, if history repeats itself, as it often does, MSPs will eventually deliver 5G competing on pricing. Therefore, they need to think now about new areas, new services, and new business models enabled by 5G. 5G is at a crucial stag…

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