Premium Range Smartphone OEM Strategies, Flexible Displays and 5G: A Triumvirate to Staunch the Declining Market?

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By David McQueen | 4Q 2018 | IN-5330


Poor Quarterly Results Reflect Troubled Times for the Lead Smartphone Manufacturers


The announcement of third calendar-quarter results from most of the major smartphone manufacturers shows an industry on the decline. While the sets of poor results are not necessarily uncommon for figures released in that particular quarter—a dip in performance as the market gears up for the buoyant holiday season—it could hold more underlying problems than first meets the eye. Stagnant smartphone shipments, saturating addressable markets, ballooning Average Selling Prices (ASPs), and consumer price fatigue are all working together to create a market environment that is currently short on growth. Not all is yet lost, though, as new technology innovation and features are just around the corner to help arrest the decline. However, if established Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are to take advantage of this innovation, they will need to modernize their strategies or else find themselves constrained by legacy.

Overhauling Smartphone Portfolios and Increasing ASPs: A Need for C…

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