Smartphone OEMs Need to Review Strategies for 5G RFFE System Designs

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By David McQueen | 4Q 2018 | IN-5323


The Smartphone RFFE Design Evolution


Components in smartphones that relate to the Radio-Frequency Front End (RFFE)—that is, that provide the link between the modem/RF transceivers and antennas—are expanding exponentially as the market embraces new network technologies such as Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) and Long-Term-Evolution- (LTE-) Advanced Pro. With 5G on the horizon, this market shows no signs of slowing down. It owes much to the host of multiple active radios and additional support of more spectrum bands and band aggregation required to make these technologies a reality while coping with more network functions and features (including beam tracking and beamforming) designed to enhance the user experience. The road map to 5G is proving even more complex and faster moving, and this brings with it a whole new raft of technical challenges.

The RFFE Challenge for OEMs on the Verge of 5G Deployment


As RFFE system design complexity has increased significantly, a host of new components are required each tim…

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