Generative Engineering in Smart Manufacturing

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4Q 2018 | IN-5320


Beyond Topology Optimization


Industrial companies have used geometric topology optimization for several years now and are using it more because they have increased the use cases for Additive Manufacturing (AM). Topology optimization involves changing the geometric shape of a product given a set of constraints to improve its performance. Generative design takes this up a step by creating, or generating, the geometric shapes from nothing rather than changing the existing shapes.

Generative engineering takes this to another level. It not only creates the geometric shape but can also create entire systems architectures and fit the electrical systems. Let’s take a car as an example. Given the right constraints and rules, generative engineering can design the architectural configurations for the chassis, the power train, the mechanical structures and components, the wiring harnesses, and the electrical system. Of course, like any form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it works best when guided by a domain expert or, in this case, a real-life human engineer.

Expanding Desi…

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