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Virtual Reality Company Tracker


The number of companies, and the scale at which they operate, in the virtual reality market is ever changing and ever growing. To help provide insight into this, the Virtual Reality company tracker tracks and maps companies within the virtual reality ecosystem throughout this growth process, highlighting activity across the value chain and numerous verticals; presence in core technology, connectivity, analytics, content creation and development, professional services, and more is mapped, along with 14 verticals including manufacturing, logistics, media and entertainment, retail, and education.

The database includes a list of companies that are operating or supporting Virtual Reality (VR) applications while highlighting new entrants in the market as well. It also looks at companies operating across both VR and Augmented Reality (AR) ecosystems as universal companies, whose portfolio can support, or is found in, both augmented reality and virtual reality markets. Companies covered include hardware and software providers, consulting companies, marketing agencies and other businesses that have implemented VR use cases in their strategy. Overall, this product provides a highly granular, highly customizable dive into the current AR/MR ecosystem, enabling trend tracking, competitive assessment, and roadmapping insight into a dense and ever-changing market.

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