Are 3GPP and the Telecoms Value Chain Relevant for Enterprise Verticals?

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By Dimitris Mavrakis | 4Q 2018 | IN-5312


The Telecom Market, Enterprise Verticals, and 3GPP


Deployments of 5G are starting to progress from discussion to reality, while Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) are still unclear where new revenues will come from. Surely there are discussions and aspirations for enterprise verticals that include transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and smart cities, but no single MSP has announced—let alone deployed—a non-consumer business strategy that is not anchored in cellular connectivity. It is also not likely that 5G will revolutionize this domain in the first years of its deployment. MSPs can deploy these strategies today with 4G and the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) but have not yet done so.

It is a formidable task for MSPs to achieve this transformation alone, especially when the current value chain depends on a linear delivery of network technology. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) meets and crystallizes common consensus in formal standards. Vendors create equipment, software, and associated services that are compliant with these standards, which are then deployed…

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