Low-Power GNSS Solutions to Open New Possibilities in IoT

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4Q 2018 | IN-5300


The Elephant in the Room for GNSS Is IoT


It has been a long-standing paradigm of location technologies that GNSS positioning is notably power-hungry. Therefore, it has been unsuitable for power-constrained purposes. However, the unveiling of a range of chipsets and Intellectual Property (IP) may disrupt this status quo. Low-Power (LP)-GNSS refers to solutions in GNSS-enabled devices that dramatically reduce their power consumption, allowing for trackers with batteries that may last for years or even longer than a decade. Some of the companies currently competing for space in this new branch of the GNSS market include u-blox, with the 2017 release of its UBX-M8230-CT chip, as well as Samsung with the Exynos i S111. On the IP side, there is Imagination Technologies with its recently announced Ensigma Series 4. These companies are aiming at use cases that span different segments, including low-end wearables, health monitors, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, among others. Notable examples include fixed asset tracking, where constant tracking or high accuracy is not necessary. For instance, OrangeTek…

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