5G will Radically Transform RAN Design and Topology as Multiple Spectrum Bands and Use Cases Converge

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4Q 2018 | IN-5297


The 5G Hype


It has been difficult to avoid the hype surrounding the imminent arrival of the Fifth Generation (5G) of mobile networks. The most extensive change in mobile communications since the first handheld cellular call was made in 1973 by Motorola’s Marty Cooper, 5G promises to add billions to a country’s gross domestic product and to create millions of jobs—more than 4G has. As it is designed to pair with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cross Reality (XR) to enhance current services and applications, 5G should offer elevated levels of user experiences.

If one moves beyond this blue sky thinking, there is every reason to believe that the various promises of 5G will not occur simultaneously. Understanding the challenges and time lines behind 5G deployment is essential to getting beyond the hype and managing expectations for real-life deployments for both companies and consumers alike. Although there are many elements to consider in 5G deployments, in the Foresight we discuss the influence on RAN design of spectrum and use case choice.

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