Augmented Reality Knowledge: Shifting Discussion from Use to Value, No Matter the Market

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 4Q 2018 | IN-5295


More Viable Hardware Met with Question of Value


There is an immense amount of discussion around Augmented Reality (AR) in mobile devices, and for good reason. The value of AR on existing hardware cannot be ignored. However, there is a great deal of activity within head-worn devices, especially those that can realistically be released into the consumer market. Vuzix, a leader in AR smart glasses, is releasing a consumer-friendly, form-factor glasses product called Blade to the general public. North (previously Thalmic Labs) is positioning itself to be a fashionable smart glasses provider that is similar to regular glasses vendors and is backed by Amazon. Facebook has confirmed ongoing activity in AR as well. Integration with smart assistants, as seen with Vuzix Blade and North, will help to add value and potential use for consumers. However, there is still the question of true value and use cases for consumers, especially when one considers that the prices of these devices are over US$1,000.

Looming Consumer Concern


A lack of A…

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