AI in Telecoms - Bounded Rationality or Wider Ecosystem Game Changer?

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By Don Alusha | 4Q 2018 | IN-5293


Artificial Intelligence in Telecoms


ABI Research’s recent study of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being implemented in the telecoms industry underscores the fact that the ownership and technology architecture of the AI ecosystem is largely fragmented (PT-2184). With almost half of all commercial activities we tracked falling under customer management, much of the action in AI is around intelligent user interfaces, sales, and marketing. These findings highlight how AI is unfolding in the market; namely, on a per use case, per domain basis—a natural development given the monolithic environments in telecoms. The benefits that come from a narrow AI adoption notwithstanding, a harmonized AI platform may be required to enable a wide-ranging and scalable business case (AN-2557).

Narrow AI may not be conducive to the creation of a new ecosystem—meaning an interconnected environment with uniform business connections and centralized sponsorship underpinned by standardized data formats and AI telco standards. AI opens new opportunities from operational efficiency and top-line growth p…

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