Back-Office Transformation Holds the Key to Front-Office Success for Brick and Mortar Retailers

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4Q 2018 | IN-5280


Moving Away from CX Obsession


Customer-centric retail strategies typically aim to reduce in-store friction and offer more engaging and tailored experiences that will drive traffic to stores and improve retention rates. However, by focusing almost entirely on the store itself, retailers are in danger of having a blinkered view of retail; this can downplay the importance of supply chain operations in maintaining customer loyalty. Ironically, this attitude is preventing many brick-and-mortar stores from satisfying their customers to the best of their ability, despite their store-centric approach.

In retail today, more and more customers are demanding tailored products and experiences. Consumer tastes are changing daily as social media shapes everyday life for increasingly cash-rich millennials and Generation Z. Ethically minded shoppers are shaping retail through their morally conscious buying decisions. These are just some of the problems which retailers have been struggling to address but which operational technologies outside of the store can solve.

There are signs that retailers are beginnin…

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