Autotalks Adopts a Dual Support Approach for V2X, But the Industry Needs Simultaneous Operation

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By James Hodgson | 4Q 2018 | IN-5278


Autotalks Adopts a Dual Support Approach


In September 2018, Autotalks, a long-time leader in the Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC)/802.11p space, announced that their second-generation Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) chipset will support PC5 Cellular V2X (C-V2X). The CRATON2 and PLUTON2, through a firmware update, will now support both of the V2X technologies battling for supremacy in the automotive market. The new firmware will not permit both protocols to be enabled simultaneously; rather, it will allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to opt either for 802.11p or for PC5 functionality via a software-defined toggle. This will allow OEMs to manufacture and certify a single V2X platform, which they can then deploy globally.

Having been a long-time proponent of 802.11p over C-V2X, the fact that Autotalks, a dedicated V2X company, felt that the need to expand beyond 802.11p signals the increasing maturity of C-V2X technologies, due in part to the favorable regulatory environment in China. However, Autotalks will enter the C-V2X market as a very different player to the current market in…

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