Smartphone Market in Need of Key Transformative Technologies to Stimulate Replacement Cycles

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4Q 2018 | IN-5246


New Transformative Features Help to Keep the Market Moving as It Reaches Saturation Levels


The smartphone market is frequently experiencing growth and change, despite an overall level of saturation. Vendors are offering devices with an increasing number of transformative features in an effort to make their technology more desirable and improve replacement cycles. Features like Fingerprint on Display (FOD) and multiple cameras are starting to enter the smartphone market, offering users the ability to easily unlock phones and take higher-quality photographs—two features that are often demanded by consumers. Other features such as foldable displays and 5G will begin to appear by 2019, offering users the ability to have a larger screen without a larger form factor and an improved broadband connectivity experience. Over the coming years, a number of other transformative technologies are likely to be implemented in smartphones, ensuring that the market continues to evolve.

Transformative Technologies Set to Drive Market Replacement


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