By Ryan Martin | 4Q 2018 | IN-5237


From Physical- to Logical-Time Order Computing


If the twentieth century was all about the mechanization of physical work, the twenty-first century is all about the mechanization of mental work. We can think of “mental work” as the process of thinking that unfolds when making difficult decisions. These decisions are ultimately what establish a state of understanding or belief. In computing terms, this state of understanding or belief is manifested in cached memory. The challenge of working with cached memory in the world of IoT is heterogeneity—of endpoints, applications, data, and suppliers—and the resulting need to shift from physical-time to logical-time order computing, which prioritizes the relative order in which data is generated, transmitted, and/or processed (think blockchain).

The Instrumentation of Search


When a person performs a search on Google, they aren’t searching the web; they are searching an index of the web. These search programs typically start by fetching a few webpages. Then …

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