Onboarding the Billions - Tackling the Next Wave of IoT Devices

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3Q 2018 | IN-5217


How Will the Next Billion Devices Be Onboarded? 


The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is often seen as a turbulent yet quite lucrative opportunity, and organizations strive to secure a foothold. Given the plethora of ever-increasing verticals that need to be addressed and the use case scenarios that populate new business ventures in this greatly fragmented market, the focus has mostly been on maximizing an organization’s current potential, adopting new technologies rapidly, and finding an organization’s place in the market among dozens of high- and low-profile rivals.

However, there is one crucial element that has eluded attention recently that is slowly being brought into the spotlight: IoT device onboarding processes. More specifically, how can companies hope to onboard these billions of things coming online in the next five years?

Addressing the Need for Speed...

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