How Does Sony’s New Camera Sensor Fit into the Smartphone Camera Market?

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4Q 2018 | IN-5216


Sony’s New IMX586 Camera Sensor


Sony has announced its new IMX586 camera sensor, which appears to be moving away from other recent smartphone cameras that are focusing more on multilens setups than on increasing the number of megapixels. The 8 mm wide sensor features 8,000×6,000 48 megapixel (MP) resolution with 0.8 micron pixels, allowing it to provide high-quality photos in a compact size. The specifications allow for a 400% zoom to provide a 12 MP photo. In low light, smaller pixels are not so advantageous, so the sensor uses a Quad Bayer array, combining adjacent pixels in a 2×2 grid, increasing the pixel size to 1.6 microns, and offering the same colored filter rather than different colors that would occur in a standard Bayer array. It also features full resolution burst shooting at 30 frames per second (fps) and true 4K recording at 90 fps.

How the IMX586 Compares to Other Camera Sensors


In 2013, Nokia released the Lumia 1020, which featured a 41 MP camera and has not seen much, if any, development sinc…

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