Security is the Key Component to Fully Unlock the eSIM Opportunity

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3Q 2018 | IN-5215


Connectivity Is Only One Aspect of the eSIM Opportunity 


Thanks to its reprogrammable capabilities, the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) is transformative in nature. It will enable traditional hardware players to shift toward a platform and services play, provide new life and intelligence to previously unconnected devices, and open up new end markets via adjacencies, while placing connectivity owners as Internet of Things (IoT) gatekeepers, opening up a business model platform to help improve brand stickiness and loyalty.

It might be an obvious statement, but the eSIM and cellular connectivity go hand in hand. However, the eSIM and its reprogrammable capabilities make it more than another secure connectivity enabler and an area that needs careful consideration and perhaps one that is somewhat overlooked, with many vendors still super concerned with the potential impacts on traditional markets, including the traditional removable Subscriber Identity Modul...

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