Smart Urban Spaces

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Publish Date: 14 Nov 2018
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Smart Urban Spaces
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With momentum around smart cities continuing to increase, a new paradigm is yet again appearing on the horizon: smart urban spaces. Public space needs to be reorganized to support and/or embed new forms of tech-driven mobility, transportation, distributed energy generation, and urban living a lot of which is firmly embedded in the sharing economy. Optimizing how the public space is used in terms of utilization rate, maximization, and achieving a new balance towards mixed use environments are quickly becoming key imperatives for city governments across the globe. The most obvious example of redefining urban space is the repurposing of parking space in the wake of the growing importance of ridesharing and future driverless car sharing. Other examples include smart and dynamic street designs, solar roads, uber-urbanization, and city-in-city concepts. Tech suppliers include Ford, Alphabet, Umbrellium, Colas, Siemens, Pavegen, Uber, Lyft, and Waze.

This report covers the main trends, concepts, technologies, vendor initiatives, and future city concepts. It provides insight into requirements, ecosystem dynamics, and future design guidelines.   

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