Network Slicing is a US$44 Billion Opportunity for MSPs in Vertical End Markets

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By Don Alusha | 3Q 2018 | IN-5211


Network Slices for Industry Verticals


Telcos are increasingly seeking to create services that are more differentiated and tap into the growth engine of the future—a future intrinsically linked to hosted experiences. Telco cloud provides the resource pools needed to host those experiences, whereas network slicing can enable differentiated capabilities (performance, reliability, security) tailored to varied use cases. Network slicing affords the opportunity to be agile and has the ability to capture revenue that could otherwise be overlooked or be captured by a competing entity. Much of the discussion focuses on industry verticals and how the associated current complexity of doing business can be alleviated with network slicing. However, no publications have been released that size the market and further elaborate on that revenue opportunity.

ABI Research set out to forecast the value at stake in the report Network Slicing: Commercial Analysis and Enabling Technologies,(AN-4908),  basing its projections on three categories: conservative (0%–25% adoption over time), neutral (0%&ndas…

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