Meet the New “Made In China” Chipsets – AI Chipsets for Natural Language Processing

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By Lian Jye Su | 3Q 2018 | IN-5207


Machine Vision Steals the Limelight


Most of the hype around AI in China is related to machine vision. SenseTime, a Beijing-based visual recognition startup, has just become the world’s most valuable startup, with its local competitors not far behind. AI chipset startups such as Cambricon Technologies and Horizon Robotics that focus on edge deep learning chipsets have raised a significant amount of venture capital.

Interestingly, what is under the radar is chipset advancement related to natural language processing. Long operating in a walled garden market, Chinese webscale giants have released their own voice control home speakers. AliGenie (Alibaba), Xiaodu Zaijia (Baidu), DingDong (, and Tingting (Tencent) all support internet search, social media integration, smart home controller, online shopping, and ride-hailing, similar to their Western counterparts. However, all of them do not feature on-device AI processing. The training and inference of NLP models are still being performed in the cloud.

Rokid and Hangzhou NationalChip Science & Technology Tie-Up…

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